mission · 24. March 2021
Vietnam-Japan Business Forum was held to introduce the excellent energy-saving technologies of member companies to Vietnam public and private with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOIT) of Vietnam. The main venue was the Hotel conference hall in Hanoi. Those who could gather from within Vietnam came to the place, and other people gave presentations and attended online from all over Vietnam and from Japan....
topic · 12. January 2021
The Kansai Electric Power Company,Incorporated has been proposing energy conservation to customers and constructing and operating renewable energy power plants such as solar power generation in Japan. They are constructing and operating hydroelectric power plants and high-efficiency thermal power plants, mainly in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, they are developing energy-saving proposals and on-site services for solar power generation and chillers at overseas factories. They are working on energy...
mission · 13. November 2020
Opening Remarks by Embassador Mercan
Turkey and the Black Sea Coast WG presented smart energy technologies and products from JASE-W member companies at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, with the honorable attendance of H.E. Ambassador Mercan and Economic Affairs Counsellor Mr Bosuter et al. His Excellency has abundant background on energy policy in Turkey as his career of the former deputy energy minister and showed great interest in these technologies by giving sound advice and comments, and expressed H.E. and the Embassy's...
27. September 2020
JASE-W exhibited to participate in ASEW (ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week) 2020 held in Bangkok, Thailand, for two years in a row. Due to the influence of COVID-19, the size of the exhibition was reduced this year and various restrictions were put such as limiting the number of people in each exhibition booth, nevertheless 8 Japanese corporations based in Thailand not only JASE-W members but also those which were recommended by the Japanese Embassy in Thailand gathered in the JASE-W booth and...
topic · 21. August 2020
Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan
topic · 21. August 2020
Daigas Group has products that can reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to mitigating climate change, such as fuel cells "ENE-FARM" for home use, high-efficiency water heater "ECO-JOZU", gas cogeneration systems for commercial and industrial use, gas absorption water heaters, gas engine heat pumps (GHP), natural gas vehicles (NGV), etc. Due to growing interest in energy security after the Great East Japan Earthquake, they are working to sell residential photovoltaic power generation systems as...
15. June 2020
NIPPON PMAC Co., Ltd. has, for more than 40 years, been a pioneer in the development of a wide range of highly efficient air conditioning systems that have been adopted in a variety of different buildings. NIPPON PMAC Co., Ltd. uses the individual heat pump system based on a water heat source and an air heat source, and has been highly successful in designing and developing small air conditioning systems to suit our clients' building needs.
30. March 2020
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
30. March 2020
JFE Engineering Corporation

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