Asia Clean Energy Summit(ACES) Oct. 23 - 27, 2016

JASE-W participated to Asia Clean Energy Summit(ACES)2016 held in Singapore.

In the JASE-W booth, members displayed panels and demonstration equipment, and made presentations of their own energy efficient and renewable products and technologies. It was very beneficial for our participants as business matching opportunities.

Miura Singapore
Miura Singapore
Presentation of Hitachizosen
Presentation of Hitachizosen

Date: Oct.25 (Tue)-26(Wed), 2016 
Venue : Sands and Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Booth space:27m2

Government related people, municipality, and trading company, project builder and consultant visited our booth and listened to the presentation of JASE-W member’s Japanese technologies and products, and make inquiries about their own projects in business matching corner.

Participants and their presentation theme: (panel display and presentation)

Company Therma
 JASE-W  JASE-W’s activities
Kawasaki Heavy Industry Steam Compressor, Water Refrigerant Turbo chiller
Miura Singpore

Introduction of Once-Through BoillersIntroduction

of Once-Through Boillers

Tokyo Electron Device Singapore Energy-saving Solutions
HitachiZosen Introduction of Our Waste-to-Energy Business
Chiyoda System Tecnologies 

Energy Efficiency requiring to spend Energy

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