Russia Mission (Energy Saving Solution WG, Public-Private Cooperation WG)

Russia SWG of Energy saving Solution WG and Public-Private Cooperation WG dispatched a mission to Moscow in order to meet Vice Chairman of Gazprom and president of Gazprom Export to discuss the Super ESCO scheme which suggests replacing their old facilities to Japanese high efficiency power generation facilities. Also they visited Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), counter partner of JASE-W, and explained current situation and future support.


Date: 12th – 15th November, 2014

Visited:Gazprom, JBIC Moscow, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Sumitomo Corporation Russia, RDIF

Mission members

(from Japan):International Affair Office, Energy Conservation and renewable Energy Dept. Agency for Natural resources and Energy, Minister of Economy, trade and Industries, Toyo Engineering (leader of Russia SWG), Sumitomo Corporation (head of Public-Private Cooperation WG)

(from Russia)Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, total 8 people