04. July 2018
Japan-Indonesia Business Forum for Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Renewable Energy (tentative name) Backgrand: The 2018 is a year of the 60th anniversary of Japan-Indonesia diplomatic relations. As the commemorative events, JASE-W intends to organize the Business Forum for Energy Efficiency & Conservation and Renewable Energy in Jakarta to build further cooperative relationship regarding the energy. Outline Organizer: Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide (JASE-W) /The...
07. June 2018
JASE-W participated in the 4th Russian Conference "Energy Supply, Energy Saving, Energy Management in the Mining and Metallurgical industry-2018" and made the presentations of energy saving technologies, such as Coke Dry Quenching System (CDQ), Top Pressure Recovery Turbine(TRT), and Energy Management System in the Energy Efficiency session. In Moscow, they visited Russian Energy Agency (REA) and had the meeting for future projects.
31. May 2018
My name is Hiroaki Nakanishi, Executive Chairman of Keidanren (the Japan Business Federation), and I assumed the post of Chairman of the Japan Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide in May 2018. Japan’s business community and government jointly established the Alliance in October 2008, with the goal of disseminating outstanding energy-efficient and renewable-energy technologies and products from Japan to the world. Thus far, we have been proactively conducting various surveys and...
15. May 2018
ASEAN ZEB dissemination SWG participated to the Working Group of guideline for energy saving building in Myanmar and discussed baseline of building energy consumption.
14. May 2018
The 5th Japan - Indonesia Energy Forum was held hosted by Mr. Taketani, deputy commissioner for International Affairs, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, METI(Japan), and cooperated by Dr. Syahrial, Secretary General to MEMR(Indonesia). In the session 3, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Mr. Aoyama, Chairman, Planning & Operating Committee of JASE-W made the presentation to appeal of the economic and environment merits of introducing "Combined Heat and Power", and asked the...
11. May 2018
Building Construction Authority(BCA)
ASEAN ZEB dissemination SWG participated to the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Sub Sector Network(EE&C-SSN) which was held in Singapore, and made the presentation to appeal and accelerate the concept of "Zero Energy Building". Also they visited Building Construction Authority(BCA) and exchanged the information and sought mutual collaboration.
05. April 2018
In the opportunity of Japan visit of Director General of International Renewable Energy Agency(IRENA), JASE-W held a meeting with IRENA, discussed and exchanged the information for the solutions regarding the increasing demand of global renewable energy and international cooperation. Mr. Aoyama, chairman of planing and operation committee, leaders of working groups and participants from 7 companies have attended. Mr. Amin made a speech on the global trends of renewable energy, such as...
05. February 2018
JASE-W participated in the Japan Pavilion of World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2018 held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In the JASE-W booth, members displayed panels and demonstration equipment, and made presentations of their own energy efficient and renewable products and technologies.
26. December 2017
13. October 2017
Follow up the MOU regarding the cooperation of enegy saving business concluded between Russain Enegy Agency and JASE-W, JASE-W dispatched the mission to Moscow in the Russian Energy Week(REW) to discuss the concrete projects in Russia. REW was held on the 4-7th October in the Central Exhibition Center "Manege" Moscow. As well as Minister Novack of Energy, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin attended the . And many programs of roundtable and panel discussion were held such as renewable enegy,...

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