topic · 06. October 2021
The Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide is conducting promotional and awareness building activities of energy saving and renewable energy technology focusing on emerging countries for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy conservation overseas and using new energy by utilizing the excellent technology of its member companies. At the conference, the ZEB Promotion Working Group (hereinafter the ZEB Promotion WG) was established in 2017 to spread...
topic · 05. October 2021
JASE-W will run a booth online in ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2021 Virtual Edition (October 14th - 16th) in Thailand. This time, JASE-W’s members (TLV CO., LTD., Miura Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Ltd., and Kansai Electric Power Company) and JASE-W waste-to-energy working group are planning to display at the booth. Please visit ASEPVA 2021 website for details.
topic · 19. July 2021
Kurita Group considers climate change, including abnormal weather and natural disasters caused by global warming, to be one of the most important social issues common to the world. In response to climate change, Kurita Group aims to "realize sustainable energy utilization" by optimizing energy use and providing energy-creating solutions at our customers' factories and offices in order to reduce CO2 emissions.
topic · 19. July 2021
On June 22, Mr Jahangir Turgunov, Counsellor of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan, visited JASE-W and had a discussion with its secretary general et al. Mr. Turgunov expressed his expectation and interest in Japan's high-efficient power generation technology and a wide range of energy technologies such as hydrogen and even nuclear power, and also exchanged opinions on the implementation of the NEDO international projects and the potential of future cooperation in introducing new cogeneration...
topic · 12. January 2021
The Kansai Electric Power Company,Incorporated has been proposing energy conservation to customers and constructing and operating renewable energy power plants such as solar power generation in Japan. They are constructing and operating hydroelectric power plants and high-efficiency thermal power plants, mainly in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, they are developing energy-saving proposals and on-site services for solar power generation and chillers at overseas factories. They are working on energy...
topic · 21. August 2020
Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan
topic · 21. August 2020
Daigas Group has products that can reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to mitigating climate change, such as fuel cells "ENE-FARM" for home use, high-efficiency water heater "ECO-JOZU", gas cogeneration systems for commercial and industrial use, gas absorption water heaters, gas engine heat pumps (GHP), natural gas vehicles (NGV), etc. Due to growing interest in energy security after the Great East Japan Earthquake, they are working to sell residential photovoltaic power generation systems as...
topic · 10. June 2019
Assistance and Services for "ASEAN-Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership(AJEEP)’’ programme