topic · 01. July 2022
The "Water Technology Working Group" has been established in the JASE-W. The WG will work to promote the overseas deployment of Japan's renowned water treatment and water infrastructure technologies and equipment, with the goal of achieving energy conservation, carbon neutrality, pollution prevention, and clean water supply.
topic · 31. March 2022
Azbil Corporation Building Automation Business Azbil contributes to the realization of energy savings, mainly through the automatic control of air conditioning systems, as well as to the visualization of energy consumption through various sensors, meters and energy monitoring systems, helping to identify waste of consumption and operational problems. Energy conservation Business Azbil surveys customers' buildings and proposes energy-saving measures suited to their situations. Azbil contributes...
topic · 30. March 2022
As global warming, deforestation, and ocean pollution become more serious, and in order to inherit a rich earth for future generations, SHIMIZU CORPORATION will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society that takes the global environment into consideration through corporate activities aimed at reducing environmental impact, including the spread of renewable energy, and the promotion of energy conservation and energy creation, and ZEB. As an industry pioneer in ZEB, SHIMIZU...
topic · 22. March 2022
English translations of the Hospital, Hotel, and School editions of the Japanese ZEB Design Guidelines are now available for reference when designing ZEBs. If you are interested, please contact the JASE-W secretariat. E-mail:
topic · 07. February 2022
"Japanese Smart Energy Products & Technologies 2022" was posted on our website.
topic · 01. February 2022
JASE-W exhibited in WFES 2022 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Since World Future Energy Summit (WFES) was canceled last year due to the spread of COVID-19 infection, it was held for the first time in two years. JASE-W/ECCJ set up a booth of 48 sqm in the part of energy-focused area where big companies including MASDAR (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company) were exhibiting. Four JASE-W member companies displayed their panels and demo equipment and introduced their products and technologies for business deals....
topic · 24. January 2022
WATER REUSE PROMOTION CENTER is an organization concerned with the water cycle and has contributed to the diffusion of water reuse technology based on technologies such as wastewater reuse, streamlined water treatment and desalination. We have also been engaged in international technical cooperation, international exchange, training and educational activities. In addition, we have led the water sector by participating in the international standardization activities regarding recycled water.
topic · 21. December 2021
Products website for Zero Energy Buildings has been released since Dec. 15th on Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide website. Since ISO Technical Specifications TS23764 have been issued since Sep.24th 2021, people are raising more awareness that ZEB is possible in any country. In order to promote this trend, JASE-W has launched the website for introducing recomended products to build Zero Energy Buildings. More products will be introduced on this wibsite soon.
topic · 06. October 2021
The Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide is conducting promotional and awareness building activities of energy saving and renewable energy technology focusing on emerging countries for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy conservation overseas and using new energy by utilizing the excellent technology of its member companies. At the conference, the ZEB Promotion Working Group (hereinafter the ZEB Promotion WG) was established in 2017 to spread...
topic · 05. October 2021
JASE-W will run a booth online in ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2021 Virtual Edition (October 14th - 16th) in Thailand. This time, JASE-W’s members (TLV CO., LTD., Miura Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Ltd., and Kansai Electric Power Company) and JASE-W waste-to-energy working group are planning to display at the booth. Please visit ASEPVA 2021 website for details.

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