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15. December 2009
Date:11-14 December, 2009 Organizer:Indian Trade Promotion Organization Venue:New Delhi City, Pragati Maidan Registered attendance:About 3,000 people In the exhibition booth and the seminar, content of the activity of JASE-W and "Japanese state-of-the-art Smart Energy Products & Technologies" were introduced.
14. December 2009
Date:10-12 December, 2009 Venue:Tokyo big sight Attendance:About 180,000 people Many businessman, General people, also trainees who had come from China also visited the booth.
23. November 2009
Date:18-20 November, 2009 Organizer: Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore, Koelnmesse Venue:Shangri-la hotel ballroom The number of exhibition companies: 8 companies in a Japanese pavilion. It explains the current state of CO2 in Japan, and results of conservation of energy, and it introduces outline of "Japanese state-of-the-art Smart Energy Products & Technologies" and JASE-W, the case of Yamatake Corporation (BEMS) and Hitachi, Ltd. (ESCO) which participated in this mission.
10. November 2009
Date: 9 November, 2009 We sponsored to the 3rd "Global Eco-business forum" in Shanghai(organized by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc.), and exhibited the panels. Our corporait menbers, Tokyo Electric Power Co.,Inc, Mitsubishi Corporation,and DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, Ltd. participated in the panel discussion.
09. November 2009
Date:4-6 November, 2009 International Industrial Environment Fair was held in Bazil. It introduced the activity as JASE-W in the exhibition. The collection of the questionnaire in 36,000 people and booths was 470 in those who came. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.,Canon Inc.,Panasonic Corporation,MAYEKAWA MFG. CO., LTD were participated in it as our the corporate members.
06. November 2009
We exhibited it in JETRO Japan pavilion, which was added to WEEC(World Energy Engineering Congress), and introduced outline of JASE-W and "Japanese state-of-the-art Smart Energy Products & Technologies". For the green new dealism which President Obama advocates, the interest of people about environment, energy saving, the new energy products were high,and business talks were performed lively. Date:4-5 November, 2009 Organizer:The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Venue:Washington, D.C....
07. September 2009
Date: 5 September, 2009 The 2nd "Global Eco-business forum" in New Delhi was held(organized by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc.). We introduced "Japanese state-of-the-art Smart Energy Products & Technologies",and exhibited the panels supporting by JETRO New Delhi center.
02. July 2009
Date: 1 July, 2009 We sponsored to the 1st "Global Eco-business forum" in Tokyo(organized by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc.) and exhibited the panels.
22. June 2009
Date: 18-21 June, 2009
18. June 2009
Date: 14-17 June, 2009 We lectured on the conference introduction in the summit forum that had been held.

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