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09. November 2015
Ethiopia Mission (Geothermal Power Generation WG) November 2nd-6th,2015 Ethiopia is located in the great lift valley and have good geothermal power generation resources as well as water resources. Recently geothermal is noticed as the efficient renewable energy resources by their own in the high demand of electric power of Africa Following up the last November’s workshop, Geothermal Generation Power WG dispatched a mission and held work shop. They proposed not only Japanese technologies but...
29. October 2015
meeting at the Department of Construction
Indochina SWG, Energy Saving Solutions WG dispatched the mission to the Ho Chi Minh, making success of ENERTECH in July and invited by the Department of Construction, Ho Chi Minh city. They proposed the energy saving solutions for the building which were appreciated by the audience. They also visited the developer in Binh Duong state and an ESCO company.
26. October 2015
Talasia, Papua New Guinea
Public-Private Cooperation WG dispatched the mission to South Pacific Islands such as Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, to discuss fund scheme of development of geothermal power generation in August. And this October they dispatched a second mission visiting another two Islands States, Papua New Guinea and Solomon islands, to go into talks of the projects with their governments. Also they visited sites, Thalasia, Rabaul, Savo Islands etc. with accompanying those governments’ officers.
25. September 2015
Presetation at Semira
The energy solutions for commercial sector SWG of Energy Solutions WG dispatched the mission to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and held a business matching seminar on the energy saving buildings and facilities. The seminar was co-hosted by JASE-W, ACEAN Center for Energy(ACE) and the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water(KeTTHA). At the seminar, Malaysian current energy saving status and JASE-W's members' energy saving technologies and products were presented by each, and after the seminar,...
28. August 2015
Ministry of Lands, Environment, Climate Change & Natural Resources ,Tonga
In order to explain and exchange of views about the concept of geothermal fund that will make feasible the geothermal energy in the Pacific region, Geothermal Power Generation WG and Public-Private Cooperation WG sent a mission to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu. Government officials of each country have agreed to cooperate for the founding of this concept.
27. August 2015
presentaion at COBEE
Latin America SWG of Energy Saving Solutions WG dispatched the mission, and investigated the trend of energy saving in Brazil and they made the presentation of their own energy saving technologies and products in the business matching seminar of Congresso Brasileiro de Efeciencia Energetica e Expoeficiencia(COBEE). Although recent resection of Brazil, they are interested in energy saving and getting feature on investments in energy saving, because of the shortage of electricity. In the business...
27. July 2015
Indochina SWG of Energy Solution WG participated in Enertec Expo2015 held in Ho Chi Minh City, from 22nd. – 25th, July. JASE-world displayed panels and demonstration materials at the booth, and in the seminar they made presentation of members’ own technologies and products, appealing the synergy effect by combining members’ technologies for energy efficiency. More than one hundred fifty audiences were attended, it was a great success. The seminar have been released by media such as...
20. July 2015
meeting with the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
In order to seek the possibility of project realization of Super ESCO (Scheme for the utilization of fuel saved by replacing old CHP plant with state of the art high efficiency one), Russia SWG of Energy Saving Solution WG and Public-Private WG sent a mission to Moscow to see and discuss with Russian gas giant GAZPROM that expressed strong interest in Super ESCO in the previous meeting last Nevember. On the way to Moscow the mission visited Khabarovsk state government to ask for the support to...
22. May 2015
ADB Partnership Forum
Public Private Partnership WG have participated in the seminar, titled “Role of Innovative Technologies and Solutions to Develop Resilient Smart Communities”, hosted by Asia Development Bank (ADB) at Manila, Philippines. ADB invited governmental officers, companies and think tankers from Asian counties and conveyed the session and presented their funding program through roundtable discussions and seminars. The purpose of this mission is the research of finance program of ADB and hearing and...
27. April 2015
Russia SWG of Energy Saving Solution WG and Public-Private Cooperation WG dispatched a mission to Vladivostok in order to attend the meeting of Joint Committee of Japan-Russia Cooperation in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. From Japan side, they made presentations of Japanese energy saving policy and technologies, on-going feasibility studies. Head of Public-Private Cooperation WG presented the Super ESCO scheme which suggested replacing Russian old power generation facilities to...